Coffee Supply for Cafés

People are beginning to treat coffee as an experience, rather than a commodity. It is important to pay attention to where your coffee was sourced from, how it was processed, and when it was roasted, to make sure you serve a delicious cup of brew to your customers.

At Lazy Bee, we are dedicated to working closely with award-winning estates, sourcing the highest quality beans, and freshly roasting them - all to ensure that you brew the finest cup of coffee. Our hassle-free service will make sure your shelves are always stocked with the premium coffee supplies, while you focus on running your business. By partnering with us:

  • We will help you select the right beans based on your menu and budget.
  • We will send our trainers to ensure you follow the industry best practices and serve the highest quality of the coffee.
  • We will audit your coffee setup on a regular basis to make sure the standards are maintained.
  • We will supply freshly roasted coffee based on your requirements.
Our services are available across India
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