Bees are addicted to caffeine as much as you are.

Some of us can’t start our day without a morning dose of caffeine. We have coffee in the morning; coffee while catching up with friends; coffee for business meetings or simply, while feeling low. Heck, some of us are so addicted that we'd hook up to an IV coffee drip to get our fix of caffeine all day long!

Interestingly humans are not the only species in the world that have to deal with this caffeine craving. Research shows that Bees love this stuff too! They buzz over coffee plantations looking out for flowers with caffeine-laced nectar, which the plants stir up especially for the Bee’s palate. Not only do the Bees keep coming back for more of this, but also return to their hive and start dancing to alert the rest of the colony to the flower's presence. While the coffee plants use this behaviour to make pollination more likely and efficient, the Bees become Lazy in foraging new sources of nectar once they get a taste of the plant’s magical cocktail.

The Lazy Bee is hooked to the buzz it gets from the coffee plants, just like its human counterparts. We are the Lazy Bees of the human world hovering through the segments of our day, in corners of the office, in a balcony watching the sunset or just pondering over the daily newspaper sipping on a steaming cup of coffee.

Lazy Bee Coffee is a speciality coffee, nectarous and sublime, made with care, only for you.