We source coffee from award winning estates, artisanally roast it, and make it available to you.

All our coffees are specialty grade

From a planted seed to the delicious brew in your cup, our coffee travels a long way. Specialty occurs only when every step in this journey is undertaken with utmost care and excellence. At Lazy Bee, we are dedicated to sourcing high quality beans from award winning estates, freshly roasting them, and working closely with passionate baristas and cafés. All to ensure that you sip the finest cup of coffee.

Our Blends

Déjà Brew


Morning Buzz


Golden Crema


House Blend


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  • Uthra Subramanian

    Love everything about this product. Love the aroma, colour and taste and what not. The perfect black coffee any day.

  • Hyun Jin Kang

    It's the coffee I wanted. I like both the taste and aroma. I think I'll buy it often.

  • Nandini Rao

    Great Coffee. Bought it for my mom and she loves the blend and flavour. Thank you for the personalisation.

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We create unique coffee experiences for cafés, offices, and others who wish to serve great coffee. Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll work with you to make it happen!


    Serving great coffee will convert your office break room into a truly refreshing experience. A thoughtfully chosen coffee solution such as ours will enhance employee satisfaction and fuel good work, boosting the effectiveness of your working environment.

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    People are beginning to treat coffee as an experience, rather than a commodity. It is important to pay attention to where your coffee was sourced from, how it was processed, and when it was roasted, to create a great coffee experience.

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    Event Planners

    83% of urbanites consume coffee, making coffee an ideal gift for all occasions. We will help you choose the best-suited product based on your budget and personalize it to your occasion to elicit the warmest memories in your recipients.

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